About TOBACCO TEA (Sage+Yerba Santa)

-TOBACCO TEA is our own crafted herbal smoking blends. It is not just benefits the herbal smokers for it carries no tobacco and licotin but it also benefits the non-smokers as the recipes is also good for make tea, herbal bath to cleanse your aura and making herbal sachets! 


-The base of TOBACCO TEA is blended with light and fluffy organic herbs and supported with herbs which are good for soothing booth respiratory and nerve system.


Medical Benefits (for make tea)

Heals Sore Throat 

Soothes Respiratory Problems

Relieves Cough

Reduces Anxiety & stress

Clears Bad Breath


Calms Nerve system & Allergy

Good for Digestion


Spiritual Benefits (for make tea/herbal bath)

-Bring out Inner Beauty

-Purification & Protection

-Drive away bad energy

-Blessing Animals


-Psychic Abilities


Net Weight : 20g

*not for use during pregnancy*

TOBACCO TEA-Sage+Yerba Santa