Fertility (Palo Santo/Pine)


MESSAGE : Fertility may have challenged us, but we are stronger for it. Forget all the reasons it won’t work and believe the one reason it will.


PROPERTIES : Fertility / Attracts Money and Prosperity / Protection /Healing / Exorcism & Cleansing


FRAGRANCE : Lemon sweet, Fresh and Sweet


INGREDIENTS : Peruvian Palo Santo, Pine, Gum of Acacia


5 incense Sticks/Pack


Burning time 90 mins/Stick


Artisan Blend Resin Incense Sticks @HOHHOU are made from the finest components and natural resins. These charismatic incenses are handmade using traditional methods and one of the finest fragrances you will come across.


Safety Tips

  • Burn incense in a ventilated area.
  • Keep both lit and unlit incense out of the reach of small children and pets.
  • If you’re asthmatic or have other respiratory issues then you should avoid burning incense.
  • Choose high quality organic or all natural brands of incense.
  • If you’re pregnant, you should talk to your doctor before burning incense.


【豐饒 (聖木/)




功效 :豐饒 / 吸引金錢及豐盛 / 保護 / 療癒 / 驅魔及清除負能量


氣味得力素檸檬糖味, 清甜


成份 : 秘魯聖木 松樹 相思樹膠

FERTILITY-(Pine/Palo Santo) Resin Incense Sticks