Mighty Fire (Dragon’s Blood / Benzoin)


MESSAGE : The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of tiny pushes of each honest worker.


PROPERTIES : Dragons Blood represents Money God with power of Healing, Protection and Banishing, as well as Cleansing a space. You can also use it on your altar to represent fire in the absence of a candle, or use it in rituals that involve flames, the sun, heat, or power.


FRAGRANCE : Cup cake, barbecue sauce


INGREDIENTS : Dragons Blood, Benzoin, Gum of Acacia


5 incense Sticks/Pack


Burning time 90 mins/Stick


Artisan Blend Resin Incense Sticks @HOHHOU are made from the finest components and natural resins. These charismatic incenses are handmade using traditional methods and one of the finest fragrances you will come across.


Safety Tips

  • Burn incense in a ventilated area.
  • Keep both lit and unlit incense out of the reach of small children and pets.
  • If you’re asthmatic or have other respiratory issues then you should avoid burning incense.
  • Choose high quality organic or all natural brands of incense.
  • If you’re pregnant, you should talk to your doctor before burning incense.


【堅毅 (龍血樹脂/安息香)




功效 :龍血代表金錢之神,具有治愈、保護、驅除及淨化空間的能量。在祭壇上,可用它取代沒有蠟燭的火,或者在涉及火焰、太陽、熱量或力量的儀式中使用它。


氣味Cup cake, 燒烤醬甜味


成份 : 龍血樹脂 安息香 相思樹膠

MIGHTY FIRE-Artisan Resin Incense Stick